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Organize your party. Get peace of mind.

SalonesYa is a marketplace to find and book the best services for parties and events tailoring to the user’s taste and helping businesses to have more hours booked to get more revenue.






Branding, UI, UX, Storytelling, Illustration

Search. Book. Relax.

Organizing and setting up a party or event is a pain in the a**. Even a small party like a family event. You always need stuff to decorate, a performer to play music or do magic, the Dj, the lights and more.

That’s why we decided to build SalonesYa, a marketplace for users to find the best providers, know of their availability and book’em at the speed of a click or tap. Our platform delivers recommendations to users based on the location and availability of providers, facilitating the task of getting the best and right one for their need.

The Challenge

How would you innovate an industry that has never been served by digital technology? Talking to users and making them be part of the solution, designing the product they will use.

“This feels like having an Uber to organize my kid’s birthday parties.”

Sol Peñaloza, Mother of 2